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“Your way is green”.. An environmental initiative that aims to grow 10,000 plants in “balconies”

A group of students from the Faculty of Information, Al-Azhar University, launched an initiative in the field of environmental activity under the title “Your Way is Green”. Fifteen students met with the goal of raising awareness among university students of environmental culture, but their expectations exceeded all plans. The initiative was well received by several age groups after the announcement of Initiating educational content through their own page on the social networking site “Facebook”.

Ahmed El-Sheshtawy, the founder of the initiative, is a student in the fourth year at the Faculty of Mass Communication at Al-Azhar University. He dreamed of having a role in creating a clean environment in the vicinity of his residence and study, and in every place his feet tread upon and his gaze falls upon. For this dream, he thought of establishing this initiative and inspired by The idea came out with the title of the initiative “Your path is green”.

Al-Shishtawy says that the initiative was launched in mid-December 2022, after the end of Egypt’s hosting of the Conference of the States Parties to the United Nations Convention on Climate Change (COP27), when he noticed a lack of interest among many students in the importance and purpose of the conference, so he decided to work on something that would draw their attention to it and at the same time raise their awareness. Awareness of the importance of the environment and how it is preserved through simple and inexpensive daily practices, but the benefits are great and the return is greater.

Al-Shishtawy had difficulty dealing with university students, especially since this particular age group has hopes and aspirations, which makes it not interested in anything other than their career and social future. nurseries, and we communicated with the social worker there, and explained to her our idea and the aim of which is to teach the child how to plant.”

He added, “It was natural for us to start with the children, and when we met the social worker in the kindergarten, she talked with us about the psychology of the child, and how we can influence his awareness, understanding and perception of the surrounding environment, and interest in green spaces.”

He added: “At the beginning, the social worker was a bit disturbed, but she thought that talking about the environment and the goals of the initiative would be greater than children’s awareness, but we can summarize all of this in the idea of learning agriculture and its importance in preserving the environment, and so things went in launching the initiative.” With kids”.

Gradually, the founders of the “Your Way is Green” initiative set out towards achieving the environmental goal of this work, targeting a new age group known as “adolescence”, which is middle school and high school students. And the psychology of youth, and we decided to have a plan for each age group, and we thought about changing the way the initiative was presented to school students, and we started talking to them with a question: Have you ever planted a tree?

The “Your Way is Green” initiative aims to place one plant in 10,000 balconies. In order to achieve this goal, the members of the initiative sought the help of an agricultural engineer to help them provide scientific advice on the mechanisms of growing plants in the open spaces of homes and how to take care of plants, especially those grown indoors.

In the background of this work, there was another person working to document all the efforts made by the work team members, called Ibrahim Abdel Moneim in the fourth division, Faculty of Mass Communication, Al-Azhar University, and the social media officer. Ibrahim publishes the educational content of the initiative through the initiative’s Facebook page. .



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