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The UAE plans to add 14 gigawatts of renewable energy sources in 7 years

The UAE Minister of Climate Change and Environment, Maryam bint Mohammed, revealed that the UAE aims to add at least 14 gigawatts of renewable energy by 2030 as part of its broader ambition to reduce carbon emissions.

This step will significantly reduce the country’s reliance on thermal power generation and support its goal of creating an energy mix.

She added that the country will continue to supply oil and gas in a more responsible manner, and when I talk about the Emirates, we have goals; We’ve already set clean energy goals for 2030 and 2050, so, now we’re at about 9.2 gigawatts, we’re heading to 14 gigawatts by 2030, and by 2050, 50 percent of our energy supply will come from clean, renewable energy sources, Al Muhairi told CNN. Becky Anderson in the interview.

She noted that the UAE is already ramping up its investments to expand renewable energy capacity to support decarbonisation, and it also understands that since the world still needs oil and gas, we will deliver oil and gas, but provide it in a responsible manner.

“This is the transition and we are going into the world of more renewable energy sources,” Al Muhairi added.

In order to combat climate change and the energy crisis, Francesco La Camera, Director General of the International Renewable Energy Agency, stressed the need to act quickly and build infrastructure, and La Camera explained that the industry must be devastated to quickly create the infrastructure of a new energy system.



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