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The Minister of Environment meets with Al-Suwaidi to discuss ways to support private sector investments


Based on the directives of the President of the Republic to support industrial development, Dr. Yasmine Fouad, Minister of Environment, received Eng. Mohamed El Sewedy, President of the Federation of Egyptian Industries, and his accompanying delegation to discuss ways to support private sector investments, establish industrial projects that are compatible with environmental requirements, and overcome obstacles to achieve economic development that is environmentally compatible, in the presence of the relevant ministry leaders. At the Cultural and Educational Center, Cairo House.

Dr. Yasmine Fouad stressed that the current time is witnessing great interest and priority from President Sisi and the state to support investments in the environmental sector in environmental fields as a promising sector that achieves interests at all economic, social and environmental levels, and provides green job opportunities for youth and supports national development plans based on environmental protection.

Mohamed El Sewedy, head of the Federation of Industries, stressed the importance of supporting the private sector and overcoming all difficulties that may limit the expansion or establishment of industrial projects, especially with regard to providing environmental approvals and financing packages for industries and industrial zones.

The Minister of the Environment stated that environmental approvals are not an obstacle to projects, but rather one of the most important studies that guarantee the success and continuity of projects while achieving the interests of all parties. Representatives of the Ministry to work on completing the data before sending it to the Ministry, so the number of issuance of 177 environmental approvals from the Environmental Affairs Agency for industrial projects during the period from August to December 2022 has been completed, and the procedures for issuing environmental approvals for industrial facilities have also been facilitated to be issued within (7) days instead From (30) days provided for in the Environment Law, and with regard to the golden license for projects, she pointed out that it is obtained from the Council of Ministers and has certain standards and requirements. Guidelines have been developed for each industry and how to obtain environmental impact assessment studies to support the industrial sector.

The Minister of Environment referred to the industrial pollution control project as one of the Ministry’s projects to support the industrial sector and its environmental compatibility, as the project provides financial and technical support for industrial projects, whether to support environmental compatibility or to implement energy efficiency systems and maximize the efficiency of resource use in compatible projects, through soft loans with estimated interest rates. With 2.5% in addition to a 20% grant at the end of the project and achieving reconciliation, as loan agreements were signed to finance a number of projects at an amount of 90 million euros, and financing procedures for a number of other projects at an amount of 45 million euros are being completed, indicating that the possibility of research will be discussed in the coming period. Developers benefit from the project when establishing industrial zones to increase the means of providing support for projects.



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