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The implementation of the local conference of youth (LCOY) in Luxor is one of the included events within the caravan of “Youth for Climate”.

In the frame of the national campaign of EGYouth4climate, which was initiated by the ministry of youth and sports, for the preparation of COP27 with the cooperation of the united nations children’s fund, the united nations population fund and ACTS organization for the sustainable development. The official LCOY for children and youth is accredited by YOUNGO within the framework agreement of climate change; which is also this year a part of the caravan of EGYouth4climate, passing through all of the red sea, Luxor, Aswan, Fayoum, Matrouh and Alexandria.

The task force team has evoked different topics for the conference in Luxor; highlighting the importance of the ecotourism and the *human diversity* , and their relevance to the climate change. Also discussing the environmental protection and conservation strategy in Luxor to be appealing for tourists and promote environmentally sustainable tourism.

After finishing of these tours across the target destinations, the end event will be taking place in Cairo during the 8th and 9th of October; which is all coordinated by youth for youth to raise awareness about the climate change crisis and the role of youth and their exchange in cultures, ideas and positive dialogue; and communicating with the decision makers and all the involved capacities. Moreover, it is an opportunity for Egyptian youth to exhibit their opinions and express their perspectives in a statement that is the ceremonial outcome of the conference; which is proceeded under the guidance of the agreement approved by UNFCCC and YOUNGO, and to submit the policy paper aside to the ones released by youth in different nations who attended COY17 and COP27.

The ministry of youth and sports works on enhancing the level of awareness of the ongoing issues regarding the environment and the climate on the national level through offering up to 30 engaging activities nationally. In addition to the youth participation in the conference of parties (COP27), through including a special day of youth in the official conference agenda; also organizing the united nation conference of youth COY17. Furthermore, the ministry of youth and sport is cooperating with the ministry of social solidarity, supporting the volunteering opportunities during the conference.



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