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The first Arabic directory of carbon footprint and carbon markets

Mostafa El-Sherbiny, Ambassador of the European Climate Charter in Egypt, stated. President of the global initiative “One Million Young Volunteers for Climate Adaptation – Climate Ambassadors” and founder of the Union of Civil Associations and Institutions for Climate, he issued a guide to carbon neutrality in which he dealt with the carbon footprint of businesses and carbon markets with the participation of Dr. Hanem El-Sheikh.

The guide was reviewed and the scientific material was supervised by two scholars, namely Major General Dr. M. Mohamed Etman, Head of the National Institute for Quality, and Dr. Noha Samir, Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Environmental Research at Ain Shams University.


explained. In 2021, the European Union awarded him an ambassador for the European Climate Pact in Egypt, and he joined a role in the European Union Academy. This is where I learned a lot about ETS carbon emissions trading systems, which have been one of the only successful policy tools to tackle climate change. Where daily trading takes place with more than a billion dollars a day between the cash and derivatives markets.

He said, “We produced this guide in two parts, the first on calculating the carbon footprint of business to be a guide for auditors and greenhouse gas experts, and the second on carbon markets, in which it analyzes carbon markets, compensation and credits from trainees in the diploma in carbon footprint of business.”

He noted that since the signing of the Paris Agreement in 2015 and its ratification in 2016, carbon prices have risen dramatically, and in three of the last four global equity market downturns, positive carbon returns have been generated.

He explained that he initiated the establishment of the global initiative “One Million Young Volunteers for Climate Adaptation – Climate Ambassadors” two years ago, in partnership with Al-Azhar University and the Faculty of Environmental Studies and Research at Ain Shams University. It is a pioneering initiative in Africa and the Arab world that has trained 3,000 Arab climate ambassadors and 1,200 climate ambassadors. African.

El-Sherbiny said that the Carbon Neutrality Pioneers initiative was launched within the framework of the COP 27 outputs from recommendations regarding the first goal, which is mitigation of greenhouse gases and capacity building, so the carbon footprint training diploma for business aims to enhance capacity building for 1,000 experts and auditors of greenhouse gases, so that these cadres contribute The trained scientific achieves the global strategy towards greenhouse gases and its connection with the international greenhouse gas schemes of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), in accordance with the Kyoto Protocol and the United Nations Climate Change Convention (UNFCCC), and achieves the net zero goals of the United Nations and the national strategy for climate change 2050.

Which will contribute to improving the reputation of Egyptian products in the global markets, as well as the entry of Egyptian companies into conformity with the disclosure standards required by global financial markets and international banks. to calculate the carbon footprint, and that too will have a greater factor in activating the United Nations African Carbon Market Initiative and the Egyptian Voluntary Carbon Market

Where this guide and also the first training diploma in Egypt and the Arab world, and this is the result of cooperation between the National Institute for Quality and the Foundation of the Voluntary Team for Humanitarian Action, which obtained quality in training and which established the Center for Sustainability and Solutions for Greenhouse Gas Emissions, as well as the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Environmental Research at Ain Shams University, and provides Guidance to experts and trainees on the correct methodology for managers in private and public sector companies, government agencies, non-governmental organizations and business organizations to inventory and manage greenhouse gas emissions of companies and factories, according to the GHG PROTOCOL presented by the World Resources Institute and in full compliance with the ISO 14064 standard, which is the nucleus for the carbon market.



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