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“Swailem” inspects protection work from the dangers of floods in South Sinai before the COP27 climate conference

On the morning of Sunday, corresponding to November 6, 2022, Prof. Dr. Hany Swelim, Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation, inspected a number of protection works from the dangers of torrential rains in South Sinai Governorate.

Dr. Swailem inspected some works to protect the city of Dahab from the dangers of torrential rain, namely the Abu Khashayb dam, which is 255 meters long, 56 meters wide, 6.50 meters high, and has a storage capacity of 400,000 cubic meters, and the Zaghara Al Asfa Dam, which is 150 meters long, 56 meters wide, and 5 meters high. With a storage capacity of 125,000 cubic metres.

His sovereignty also inspected the Al-Ghaib Dam, which is 220 meters long, 5.75 meters high, and has a storage capacity of 750,000 cubic meters, and the Al-Jiby dam and barrier, which is 165 meters long, 115 meters wide, 6.75 meters high, and has a storage capacity of 750,000 cubic meters.

His Excellency also inspected some protection works at the exit of Watir Valley in the city of Nuweiba, and inspected the protection works of the Al-Muzaina area, represented in a barrier, a lake and a Sa’edah barrier, where the length of the artificial lake is 165 meters, the width is 115 meters, and the storage capacity is 200,000 cubic meters.

Dr. Swailem also inspected Wadi Al-At Dam, which protects the Naama Bay area in Sharm El-Sheikh, with a height of 24 meters, with a storage capacity of 1.60 million cubic meters.

Dr. Swailem stated that preparations are underway to launch a number of works to protect against the dangers of torrential rains in South Sinai, which is the process of completing the protection of the Baa’a Abu Redis valley, the process of protecting the Tal area of Abu Zenima, the process of constructing a lake in the city of Al-Tur, and the protection works for the Al-Rahba, Nofous and Al-Jazeera areas in the city of Abu Redis.

Dr. Swailem stated that many protection works have been and are being implemented from the dangers of torrential rains in various governorates, as 1,500 protection facilities have been established, of which 450 work in South Sinai, at a cost of 1.70 billion pounds, which reflects the great interest that the ministry attaches to this important file in particular. In light of what Egypt and the world are facing from climate changes that negatively affect the water sector.

His Excellency added that the protection works aim to protect citizens, cities, Bedouin villages, strategic installations, roads, towers, power lines and gas lines from the dangers of torrential rain, in addition to harvesting rainwater and collecting it in artificial lakes in front of protection dams for use by Bedouin communities in the surrounding areas, and providing stability for Bedouin communities as a result of feeding the underground wells. To ensure the sustainability of the water source.



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