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 »Suncast« is a smart project that reduces carbon emissions by 1 ton annually

Constanza Levican, a civil electrical engineer and holder of a master’s degree in electrical engineering from Chile in December 2017, founded Suncast, a Chilean startup that applies artificial intelligence to renewable energies, and won many awards, the most recent of which is the “Avonni 2021 National Innovation Award.” Award” in the Innovative Woman category, an award that Suncast also won in the Energy category.

Suncast applies its AI tools to renewable energy plants for companies such as Engie Energía Chile, EDF Renewables and Atlas Renewable Energy and offers two services: solar and wind forecasting, and pollution forecasting.

She was a member of the Advisory Committee Modernizing Energy Policy in Chile and has also represented Chile at international events such as: ProChile Clean Energy Trade Mission at Dubai Expo 2020, IRENA Global Young Leaders Forum, COP26 International Climate Change Conference, in addition She is currently a professor at her university and director of the new Syndicate for Climate Change Technologies Climatech Chile.

Constanza founded Suncast in December 2017, a Chilean startup that applies artificial intelligence to renewable energies, has a predictive system that allows customers to maximize the profitability of generating plants, improve photovoltaic panel cleaning processes and comply with regulatory requirements, and at the national level it was the only young member In the Advisory Committee for the Modernization of Energy Policy in Chile for the year 2050, invited by the Chilean Ministry of Energy among 37 professionals from the energy industry, participated in the International Conference on Climate Change COP26 and her startup Suncast was chosen by Mission Innovation as one of the 20 startups that have a direct impact on climate change.

A scientific study presented how Suncast can contribute to reducing about 1 million tons of carbon dioxide each year in the Middle East and North Africa market. Constanza was part of the Chilean clean energy delegation at Expo 2020 Dubai, and was also part of the Global Forum for Young Leaders. for the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), and also at WETEX and Dubai Solar Show 2021.

Constanza is the President of the new trade association ClimaTech Chile, the first syndicate in Latin America to bring together technology-based companies focused on climate action. We are a group of 24 young founders of climate change startups.”



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