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Spain forces tobacco companies to bear the costs of cleaning cigarette butts

The Spanish authorities decided to adopt new environmental regulations, the most important of which is forcing tobacco companies to bear the costs of cleaning up waste in the streets. Companies will also have to remind consumers not to throw cigarette waste in public places.

Millions of cigarette butts are dumped on the streets and beaches of Spain by smokers every year.

The authorities have not yet specified how the streets and public places will be cleaned of cigarette residue, or the cost to manufacturers. A study by Rezero, which works to reduce environmental waste, estimated the cost of cleaning up cigarette waste in Spain at around €1 billion annually.
Cigarette companies are expected to raise the prices of their products so that the consumer can bear the new cost. Spain has banned smoking in more than 500 beaches, with the aim of reducing it in public places in 2021.

The new environmental regulations also include a ban on single-use plastic cutlery.



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