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Space scientist: Africa most affected by climate change

Dr. Hisham Al-Askari, Deputy Executive Director of the Egyptian Space Agency and an expert in remote sensing and Earth science systems at Chapman University, USA, said that the combination of Earth science systems and the use of remote sensing and modeling techniques enables scientists to deal with mathematical models that predict the future.

the most affected continent

Al-Askari added, during televised statements: “The continent of Africa is the most affected continent by climate change, although it does not contribute to the problem.

Africa must be helped in dealing with these phenomena

And the Deputy Executive Director of the Egyptian Space Agency continued, that the continent of Africa must be helped to deal with these phenomena, and cadres must be educated at the level of the continent, and modern and future technological sciences that have the ability to explore what may happen in the future must be used: “We are dealing with difficult phenomena.” Predicting them through natural systems, so we always emphasize the development of new systems and the use of high-precision techniques.



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