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 “Scooter” is a youth project to provide environmentally friendly means of transportation in Cairo

An emerging youth project with 3 young people who dream of providing smart alternatives to traditional means of transportation that harm the environment and cause more emissions. The solution was in the Rabbit project to provide participatory “scooters” that work through an electronic application.

And about the beginning of the project, Muhammad Al Mansouri said in 2022, the real launch of the project was after two years of experience, during which it stopped due to the Corona virus, so that the project began to appear on the street and be present in different places such as Dokki, Zamalek, Maadi, Mansoura, Alexandria and Tanta during the past six months, and many successes and growth were achieved during The previous period, and the provision of sufficient capital to cover later with the start of a new capital cycle within a month or two, to be the starting point for expansion outside Egypt.

The company aims to cover any trip that a person makes in Egypt, Africa and some countries of the Arab world, the length of which is less than 8 km, and that the project be environmentally friendly by working to reduce the trips of means of transportation that consume fuel and rely on electricity, especially in places that need The project is already in place, and these goals can be achieved through cooperation with all government institutions and ministries, starting with the Ministry of Transport, Planning and Environment, to be present in a way that the government encourages and sponsors, and provides capital to help buy a scooter, whether with loans from the bank, raising capital, or recycling incoming revenues » .

He pointed out that the “scooter” is linked to electronic tracking maps on the Internet to determine its location in the event of theft and to issue an alarm if it exits abnormally, while tying it to an iron cable. Periodically, in the event of any problem, in addition to taking into account the possibility of theft, an insurance margin is added to the trip pricing to cover such cases.



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