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Recycling empty egg trays in an environmentally friendly way… An Egyptian initiative

Instead of throwing it in the trash, an Egyptian woman used her artistic hobby to recycle many of the waste surrounding her, to combat environmental pollution, says Nahed Abboud, the owner of the cardboard recycling project, and convert it into environmentally friendly products.

Although Abboud graduated from the Faculty of Commerce, she loved drawing and recycling waste from a young age. Since her childhood, she adored the art of decoupage, which prompted her to include it in waste recycling by decorating the surface, making paintings and antiques from discarded materials, instead of throwing them in the trash. .

Abboud added that her project aims to produce environmentally friendly products by recycling things that are not suitable for use again, not only cartons, as she keeps cooking oil glasses, soap, egg cartons, and the same cardboard paper, and extracts 100% handmade artwork from it.

The owner of the cardboard recycling project explained that she transformed the liquid soap bottle after it emptied a vase and turned the cooking bowl into a decor that can be found in the kitchen, in addition to exploiting the broken dishes as well instead of throwing it into the rubbish basket into a painting and converting the broken vase into decoration in an artistic way.

Nahed indicated that she has specialized in training people in the art of decoupage since 2008 and has participated in many exhibitions, including the exhibition Our Homes and Our Heritage, adding that her next steps are considering recycling cake cartons to be used as fronts for tablecloths instead of throwing them in the trash.



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