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Otrivin launches the world’s first “air bubble” to purify the air in Egypt

Otrivin, the leading global nose health brand, today announced the launch of the world’s first natural air purification experience in Egypt, with the aim of raising awareness among younger generations of the negative health effects of the air pollution we breathe. For this purpose, a large geometric structure of the Otrivine air bubble was erected in the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization. The Otrivin Air Bubble is a unique learning experience based on biotech air purification solutions, and Otrivin demonstrates some of the simplest everyday ways and actions anyone can take to breathe cleaner, less polluted air.

It should be noted that air pollution represents the greatest environmental threat to public health in the world1, as children are particularly affected by this threat as a result of inhaling air pollutants to a greater extent than adults compared to body weight3. According to the statistics of the World Health Organization, 93% of children around the world breathe polluted air every day2.

In an effort to reduce children’s exposure to air pollutants, the Otrivin Air Bubble uses innovative, nature-derived solutions to help reduce children’s exposure to air pollutants. This matter is of particular importance in Cairo in particular, given that the levels of fine particles suspended in the air (PM2.5) in the Egyptian capital are 11.7 times higher than the internationally recognized “safe” level, which poses a major health threat to the residents of Cairo and increases the costs of treating diseases. resulting 4.
And based on the company’s awareness of the negative effects of air pollution on public health, and after the Otrivin air bubble toured 3 cities around the world, it is now settling in the most densely populated country in the Arab world, in order to motivate its citizens to make simple behavioral changes that help them breathe healthy air. Cleaner. Through a series of simple everyday steps that everyone can take, we will all be able to breathe fresh, clean air. These include: riding low-carbon transportation, actively monitoring your daily exposure to air pollution, purifying the air by ventilating the kitchen and cooking areas, and vacuuming the house regularly.

Commenting on this exceptional experience, Nabil Basri, General Manager of GSK Consumer Healthcare Egypt (part of Halyon International Group) in North and Central Africa, says: “We have a unique opportunity that allows us to overcome the environmental and social barriers that prevent Egyptians from enjoying better health every day.” day. By setting up the Otrivin air bubble in Egypt, we are demonstrating our ability to provide solutions suitable to the local environment in order to deal with complex health problems and challenges. Within the framework of our main goal of providing better daily health to humanity, GSK Consumer Healthcare Egypt is committed to playing a major role in mobilizing all capabilities to highlight the seriousness of climate change, and how to deal with the problems arising from it. Therefore, we hope that the events of the Otrivin air bubble will help activate a broad societal dialogue in Egypt about the importance of protecting the environment and public health from the devastating effects of air pollution.



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