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Opening of the Global Youth Climate Conference in the presence of the Minister of Environment and Minister of Youth and Sports COY17

The Ministers of Environment, Youth and Sports inaugurate the 17th edition of the Youth Conference of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COY17):

Dr.. Bassem Fouad: The transformation of Sharm El-Sheikh into a green city was accomplished with the help of young people

Environment Minister: Change and implementation will come at the hands of young people who are able to face the effects of climate change

Dr.. Ashraf Sobhi: The Egyptian Ministry of Youth and Sports has provided more than 500 discounted accommodation opportunities for young people who attend COY and COP

Sobhi: We are working to raise awareness about climate change through convoys that roam all over the country

Minister of Youth: The COY17 Youth Climate Conference is a great opportunity for young people to show their point of view to the world and save the planet

Dr. Yasmine Fouad, Minister of Environment, praised the ministerial coordinator and envoy of the COP27 climate conference during her speech at the opening of the 17th edition of the youth conference of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP27), which is being held in Sharm El-Sheikh during the period from (2-4) November in the youth city, in the presence of Major General Khaled Fouda, governor of South Sinai and Dr. Omnia Omrani, the youth pioneer for the climate conference, and five Egyptian youth organizations concerned with climate action and participation in the organization and a number of United Nations organizations, with the positive energy represented by the participating youth from different countries of the world, which they considered a strong push, especially with the clock speeding towards the start of the activities of the conference. COP27 weather over the next few days.

The Minister welcomed the youth in the city of Sharm El-Sheikh, which is called the City of Peace, and as part of its preparation to receive the delegations participating in the COP27 Climate Summit, it has become a city of sustainability, as she reviewed the efforts of the Egyptian government with all its apparatus, with the full support of the President of the Republic and the supervision of the Prime Minister, to prepare the city of Sharm El-Sheikh to be closer to What is a green city to host a climate conference for implementation, through which we seek to show the world that we are capable of change, as the government succeeded through the Supreme Committee for Organizing the Climate Conference COP27 and integrating all ministries concerned with climate action to make a turning point in this city, by implementing a system Environmentally friendly transportation and a modern solid waste management system, adding more renewable energy sources throughout the city, solar energy units in hotels and qualifying them to obtain a green star and diving centers to obtain a green fin, in addition to changing the culture of citizens and negative practices against the environment.

The Minister of the Environment pointed out that the clear change in the city of Sharm El-Sheikh, which made it a new city, was accomplished with the help of young people, whether in preparing and installing renewable energy units, cleaning streets and natural reserves, reducing emissions, in tourism, and participating in organizing the climate summit, and with this we will prove to the world that implementation The real thing comes from within us, and that the change we aspire to will come at the hands of young people who are able to face the effects of climate change. We are all united in our war against climate change, and through the Climate Action Conference we will be able to win this war.

The Minister of the Environment indicated that the Egyptian presidency of the conference, in preparing the thematic days for it, took into account that it puts human needs at the heart of climate action, especially in 2022 and the economic, energy and food crises it is witnessing, by identifying the most important issues such as energy, water, food, agriculture, biodiversity and transportation, which It is the focus of the daily life of the citizen, and how to work on it through solutions, science and financing, through youth, women and civil society.



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