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Motives for the development of the zoo in Egypt

Extra News channel aired a television report on the motives for developing the zoo, and the report said that the zoo had been neglected during the past decades, and had not witnessed any significant development during the past decades, as it was excluded from the international classification of zoos.

The report added that the park witnessed the death of many animals with the inability to provide them with others, and the failure to provide the infrastructure that provides the natural environment for the animals, and that agriculture sought to display the development of the two parks as the best public parks.

The report indicated that the development comes through an agreement with the National Authority for Military Production, and the zoo’s return to listing in the World Federation of Zoos, explaining that spending on development is at least one billion pounds.

The report made it clear that the military production entities bear spending from their resources and are not refunded, and that the Ministry of Agriculture will not bear burdens in return for obtaining the usufruct right, paying an annual fee to the Ministry of Agriculture that exceeds many times what the two gardens achieve, and the green spaces in the two gardens are not affected.

The report pointed out that the rare trees and plants in the two gardens should not be affected, and the archaeological buildings should not be affected, and that the percentage of buildings does not exceed .9% of the total area, and the ownership of the two gardens will remain exclusive to the Ministry of Agriculture.



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