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Minister of Irrigation: We seek to establish an African training center in the field of adapting to climate change

Dr. Hani Sweilem, Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation, said that there is a golden opportunity to enhance cooperation between Egypt and Burundi by exchanging experiences to face water challenges, especially those related to climate change.

During his meeting with Sanctus Nyirajera, Minister of Environment, Agriculture and Livestock of the Republic of Burundi, the Minister of Irrigation indicated that Egypt put forward an international initiative to adapt to climate changes in the water sector during the COP27 climate conference in cooperation with many international partners, pointing out that this international initiative is the starting point. To take actions and implement projects on the ground to adapt in the water sector and to face the challenges resulting from climate change, with a special focus on the African continent.

The Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation expressed his hope for the participation of the Republic of Burundi in this important initiative, which aims mainly to support local communities in coping and adapting to climate change.

He pointed to Egypt’s endeavor to establish an African center for training and capacity-building in the field of adaptation to climate change under the umbrella of the Adaptation Initiative, which will become an important platform for training technical cadres from brotherly African countries to raise and build capacities in climate-related fields.

He affirmed Egypt’s appreciation for Burundi’s supportive position on water issues, as well as Egypt’s keenness to support cooperation between the basin countries by creating common interests and achieving mutual benefit for all parties, in the presence of Ambassador Yasser Al-Atwi, Egyptian Ambassador to Burundi, and the technical delegation accompanying the minister. representatives of the Egyptian Embassy and senior Burundian officials.



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