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Meeting of the National Committee to reduce single-use plastic bags in Egypt

Within the framework of the directives of Dr. Yasmine Fouad, Minister of Environment, to take swift measures to reduce the use of single-use plastic bags, Dr. Tarek El-Araby, CEO of the Waste Management Regulatory Authority, chaired the meeting of the National Committee to limit the use of single-use plastic bags, in the presence of representatives of the ministries and concerned authorities, including the ministries of industry, trade and tourism. Antiquities, Finance, Local Development, International Cooperation, Supply and Waste Management Regulatory Authority.

Dr. Yasmine Fouad confirmed that the strategy aims to reduce the negative impact of excessive consumption of plastic bags on health, the environment, the economy and society, by setting a minimum limit for the thickness of the plastic bag, banning the free distribution of single-use plastic bags, and raising awareness of the importance of reducing the consumption of plastic bags.

The minister directed quickly activating roles and responsibilities, especially after issuing a new specification for single-use plastic bags, studying incentives and the mechanism for imposing fines in coordination with the Ministry of Finance, and the available and suggested alternatives that can be offered to manufacturers and users.

The meeting included reviewing the roadmap for the strategy, and emphasizing the roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders to take new steps towards reducing and limiting the use of single-use plastic bags, which will be done gradually during the coming periods.

The procedures implemented at the national level were also discussed in relation to relevant laws and legislation, on top of which was the Waste Management Law No. 202 of 2020 and its executive regulations, the Minister of Trade and Industry’s Decision No. 326 of 2022 to set controls and requirements, and the Prime Minister’s Decision No. 20 of 2022 regarding the application of incentives. An investment law on the manufacture of safe, environmentally friendly alternatives, as an alternative to single-use plastic products.

The meeting also included a presentation of efforts to support the private sector and entrepreneurship, in addition to what is related to technical support and capacity building in cooperation with a number of international institutions working in this field, where coordination has been made with many international donors to fund many projects that help reduce mono bags. use, preparing a database for each of the large, medium and small companies that manufacture alternatives to single-use bags, launching an experimental electronic platform in the field of waste management, as well as launching and implementing several campaigns that raise environmental awareness about the negative effects of plastic on marine and wild life and human health.



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