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Mechanisms for implementing the outputs of the Economic Conference and Climate Summit and benefiting from applied research

Mr. Al-Qaseer, Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, held a meeting with the ministry’s leaders to discuss some important files, in the presence of Eng. Mustafa Al-Sayad, Deputy Minister of Agriculture for Livestock, Fisheries and Poultry.
And Dr. Mohamed Suleiman, head of the Agricultural Research Center, and Dr. Abdullah Zaghloul, head of the Desert Research Center
And some heads of bodies, sectors and departments. Major General Al-Hussein Farhat, Executive Director of the Authority for the Protection and Development of Lakes and Fisheries, also attended the meeting.
The meeting dealt with ways to enhance cooperation with the parliament and respond to all the remarks of the members of the House of Representatives, which were contained in the plenary session of the parliament the day before yesterday, Tuesday.
During the meeting stressed the short
On the need to cooperate with Parliament in all issues of concern to citizens in general and farmers in particular, as well as projects of public benefit and technicians,
The Minister of Agriculture, during his meeting with the leaders of the Ministry, referred to the topics and issues of priority in the agricultural sector, including some of the recommendations of the Economic Conference, such as expanding the development of new varieties of seeds and seeds of high quality and productivity and tolerating climatic conditions with little water consumption, as well as interest in genetic improvement of breeds and the development of livestock, fish and poultry. And how to face the spatial fragmentation, as well as the application of the agricultural cycle, the development of cooperatives and unions, and new patterns of contract farming, as well as developments in plant and animal health and food safety.
And also the crop map that is compatible with soil conditions, climate changes, and competitive advantage. Al-Qusayr also indicated the need to pay attention to smart agriculture, artificial intelligence applications, early warning systems, and agricultural innovation, as well as addressing the problem of salinity, land degradation, fertility map, and modernizing irrigation. as well
Organic agriculture and biological compounds (pesticides – fertilizers)
The Minister also directed interest in applied research in the field of evaluating crops produced by biotechnology (genetically modified), as well as research on confronting common diseases between humans and animals, as well as interest in agricultural industrialization and achieving added value to the national product.

Al-Qusayr’s meeting with the ministry’s leaders also discussed benefiting from the outputs of the climate summit, the most important of which is the development of an executive mechanism to assess and estimate the losses and damages of climate changes, as well as the expansion of adaptation procedures with climate changes, with the development of a mechanism for inventorying greenhouse gases from agricultural activities responsible for emissions, as well as the expansion of Early warning services, as well as ways to activate the initiatives put forward during the summit, such as (Nwfe and Fast).
During the meeting, the Minister of Agriculture stressed the need to pay attention to applied research and provide the necessary support for it in order to achieve the goals of the state in maximizing the maximum benefit from the land and water units.



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