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 Mahmoud Mohieldin: The COP 27 summit is the beginning, not the end, of climate action in Egypt

Dr. Mahmoud Mohieldin, Special Envoy for Funding for the United Nations Agenda for Sustainable Development 2030, said that the 27th Climate Summit will discuss several topics, including funding for projects to help confront climate change, in addition to discussing the role of civil society, and the Climate Pioneers axis, which discusses the role of community organizations in charge of climate action. Local and international civil society and bodies involved in development, pointing out that the summit includes the largest participation in the world.

Muhyiddin: The upcoming climate summit is an implementation of international commitments

During his speech at the media training camp for climate action, Muhyiddin said that the dialogue at the Climate Summit is expected to be more comprehensive and comes within the executive framework of the areas related to climate action with energy, food and industry, pointing out that the climate summit will be the summit of implementing pledges and discussing technological solutions and procedures Support on the ground that helps developing countries overcome the effects of climate change, and the climate summit is not the end of the road, but rather it is a continuous cycle that each country undertakes for the next year, and the Sharm el-Sheikh summit is the beginning of climate action in Egypt, not the end

Fundable projects

Mohieldin indicated that there are discussions about fundable projects that will be presented at the Climate Summit and on the platforms of the Climate Summit in a participatory manner with the United Nations, explaining that there is a question among citizens about the importance of the summit, and then the idea was to include the most important environmental projects at the level of the Egyptian governorates. The winning projects will be announced at the beginning of next November, and the 18 winning projects will be presented in 6 axes in the green environmental projects competition next November.



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