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Low-carbon meals for guests of the 27th Climate Summit

The COP27 climate conference, which will be held next November, from November 6 to November 18, is one of the most important global events, where the world gathers on the land of Egypt, to reduce harmful carbon emissions, and progress towards sustainability, for a better planet. Within this framework, the country is working hard; To receive the guests of the Conference of the Parties in its 27th session, especially the city of Sharm El-Sheikh, where the Presidency of Egypt launched the 27cop website, which provides several services to the conference guests, including introducing the conference halls and the green and blue areas with all their conference halls, service stations and advertising areas, including restaurants designated to serve the conference participants.

According to the official website, the conference hall contains three restaurant areas that serve a mixture of international dishes in line with the unique cultural diversity of the delegations of 197 countries participating in the conference.

Develop food menus that contain environmentally friendly foods

Dr. Ali Abu Sunna, CEO of the Environmental Affairs Agency, said that menus with low carbon emissions have been developed, and measurements will be made of each of the carbon emissions resulting from the menus, as well as measuring the extent of the interaction of attendees and visitors on low-carbon food, and the Ministry of Environment confirmed the provision of technical support. For those in charge of putting together menus.



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