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John Kerry: “Novi” is a model for integration between the relevant parties to advance climate action

The US presidential climate envoy, John Kerry, was keen to highlight the energy axis of the national platform for green projects, the “Novi” program, during his participation in the Davos Forum 2023, in Switzerland, and to praise the joint efforts with the Egyptian government in order to advance the green transition and the just transition in the field of renewable energy. .

During his participation in several activities at the Davos Forum, Kerry said: “We worked with the Minister of International Cooperation in Egypt and the Egyptian government to launch the Novi program,” which aims to achieve transformation in the field of energy by stopping work in 12 natural gas stations with a total capacity of 5 gigawatts. And replacing them with solar and wind power plants with a capacity of 10 gigawatts.

He continued, “This program is a model of integration and joint action between the relevant parties. On the one hand, it promotes green transformation in Egypt, reduces pollution and emissions, and provides natural gas that can be exported to the continent of Europe to meet its needs and stimulate private sector investment.”

The US presidential climate envoy also referred to the joint declaration that was issued during the climate conference, according to which the United States and Germany, along with other partners, will provide $500 million to Egypt to advance the provision of energy projects in the Novi program.



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