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 Information about the phenomenon of «climate change» and its impact on the environment

Many people talk about some phenomena and terms related to climate, but the definitions of these terms are hidden from some citizens, and they need clarification and sufficient explanation, so that they can understand them, so we are interested in clarifying all concepts and terms related to climate, the most prominent of which comes, the phenomenon of “climate change”. .

The phenomenon of climate change is an imbalance in the usual climatic conditions such as temperature, wind patterns, and precipitation that characterize every region on Earth.

How does climate change affect negatively?

The frequency and magnitude of global climate changes lead in the long term to enormous impacts on natural vital systems, and the worsening temperatures will lead to a change in the types of weather, such as wind patterns and the amount and types of precipitation, in addition to the occurrence of several possible extreme weather events, which leads to environmental and social consequences It is economical, broad-spectrum, and unpredictable.

Have the temperatures on Earth changed in the past years?

The Earth’s surface temperatures recorded a steady increase over the past 100 years, ranging between 0.5-0.7 degrees Celsius, as human activities represented by the industrial and technological revolution led to an increase in the rate of greenhouse gas emissions.



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