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 «Govardhan» is an electronic platform to protect the biodiversity of the planet

Gokul Rajendran, a medical student in the Indian state of Kerala, said he founded the Govardhan app, as well as a climate activist and entrepreneur, and I am currently in his final year working on the development of Ayurvedic medical sciences.

Rajendran also works in the Global Library of Medicinal Plants to create the largest library of medicinal plants for all and to preserve traditional knowledge in sustainable forests, for climate action, and participated in the United Nations Ocean Conference 2022, the open summer school for health innovation with UNIGE, in addition to his work as a youth delegate in The “Peace and Coexistence Under the Iraqi Constitution” conference, which was held at the United Nations Headquarters in Geneva, won the 2021 award.

He explained that he was officially invited to CERN to collaborate to represent all Indian medical students in COP26, represent India in COY16 & also served as Goodwall Global Student Council Chair, Android Developer and worked on COVID Warrior in India and won WYSS Sustainability Academy Award.

And he established the global platform for the preservation of indigenous and traditional knowledge, which can help develop health for the future, “It is the first time that we create social media for all types of biodiversity on the planet, so we can educate people about the importance of biodiversity and the need to protect them and increase the value of climate awareness, and we have I started at COP26 when I heard a story of success in Cameroon, and developed this idea to create a global platform for flora and fauna.



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