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Financing and Adaptation.. Prominent Issues Awaiting Resolution in “Cop 28”

Environmental observers and specialists believe that there are many climate change issues awaiting resolution during the “COP 28” summit that the UAE will host next year, and it is reliable to give a major push in the field of reducing emissions and adapting to the effects of climate change.

US Special Envoy for Climate John Kerry has previously praised the decision to hold COP28 in the UAE, saying that fossil fuel economies should be encouraged to lead the transition to clean energy.

Preparations are under way to host the “28 COP”, in order to discuss climate challenges, find solutions and alternatives, and facilitate global consensus to solve the climate crisis.

And the UAE Minister of State for International Cooperation, Reem Al-Hashemi, considered that “COP 28” should discuss a “fair and just” energy transition process, explaining that her country seeks to host “a meaningful and influential conference during which various and different ideas are presented from all over the world, in particular Southern Hemisphere Countries.

The Director-General of the Office of the Conference of the Parties “COP 28”, Ambassador Majid Al-Suwaidi, stated that the UAE intends to “host a frank dialogue” that includes everyone on the status and future of the transition in the energy sector, and to support an action plan for the transition in the energy sector based on the guidance of science, pointing to the development of the outlines of the plan. It extends for decades, worth trillions of dollars, to achieve the transition in the energy sector.

Issues awaiting resolution

In turn, the advisor to the World Climate Program, Magdi Allam, said in statements to “Sky News Arabia” that “COP 28” will try hard to achieve some of the commitments that the Sharm El-Sheikh summit was unable to achieve, and which succeeded prominently in placing the item of losses and damages on the list. Basic recommendations.

Samir Tantawi, the climate change consultant at the United Nations, agreed with this, who explained that the UAE summit will be very important, because there are some issues that were not resolved in the “Cop 27” and were referred to the “Cop 28” for a decision.

Regarding these issues and challenges awaiting resolution in the “28 Cup”, “Allam” and “Tantawi” explained that they include:

Maintaining the atmospheric temperature below 1.5 degrees, and this requires an immediate reduction in emissions by 40 to 50 percent by 2030, and reaching carbon neutrality by 2050 according to the plan set by the International Energy Agency, and it is important to take an urgent decision in this regard.

climate finance issue; Because the industrialized countries did not commit themselves to providing the financing that they committed themselves to at the Copenhagen Summit in 2009, and this requires that an agreement be reached on a new global goal for climate financing in light of the unbridled weather that strikes many developing and least developed countries.

Developing a roadmap to reach a global goal of adaptation, especially since the next summit will be presented with the first international assessment of the results of the Paris Agreement, and this sends a message to the world about the path we are on.

There are no strict executive provisions to reduce emissions of all kinds or serious commitments to them, and this part is important that we agree on at the next summit regarding the size and type of emissions, because industrialized countries will not give up on reducing emissions quickly.

Facilitating the provision of modern technology to developing countries to adapt to the effects of climate change and ending the monopoly of some companies on it.

Approval of a mechanism for the implementation of the “losses and damages” fund in terms of how it works and its funding sources.



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