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European Climate Charter Ambassador launches initiative entitled “Carbon Neutrality Pioneers”

Ambassador Mostafa El-Sherbiny, Ambassador of the European Climate Charter in Egypt, said that today, the “carbon neutrality pioneers initiative” was launched, which is a pioneering initiative that aims to train 1,000 experts in calculating the carbon footprint and managing greenhouse gas emissions for organizations and companies and providing advisory services by starting a training diploma on the footprint. Carbon for companies and organizations for the first time in Egypt, for a period of 196 hours.

This is to activate the outputs of “COP 27” in accordance with the state’s approach towards a low-carbon economy, and to activate Egypt’s Vision 2030 and also the National Strategy for Climate Change 2050, as the Voluntary Team for Humanitarian Work Foundation obtained on the first day of this year the authority and accreditation of quality in training and rehabilitation.

The ambassador of the European Climate Charter in Egypt said that, in cooperation with the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Environmental Research at Ain Shams University, headed by Dr. Noha Samir, Dean of the Faculty, and the National Institute for Quality headed by Major General Dr. Mohamed Etman, we signed protocols with them to organize the first diploma in Egypt to calculate the carbon footprint of business, as the faculty has Pioneering in Egypt and the region, which was established more than four decades ago, presents a scientific message in the field of environment and sustainability and has the lead in that, as well as the National Institute for Quality headed by Major General Dr. Mohamed Etman.

He pointed out that the institute is the official body for granting quality accreditation in Egypt in the field of training and has a constellation of scientists and experts in pursuing ISO 14064 as an international standard for greenhouse gases. We have done a training diploma for calculating the carbon footprint of business for the first time in Egypt, and we hope that this diploma will be organized in cooperation with the Center for Sustainability and Solutions for Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

The carbon footprint training diploma is offered in three stages
El-Sherbiny explained that this carbon footprint training diploma is provided in three stages, where the trainee is granted a certificate for each course separately, and at the end of the third course he is granted a training diploma certificate and the stages are as follows:
• Preliminary stage: cycle of global warming and climate change
• The second stage: the cycle of calculating the carbon footprint of the business
• The third stage: the cycle of sustainability and greenhouse gas management

– Target group
1. Those responsible for their regulatory actions related to greenhouse gas emissions
2. Carbon consultants and environmental managers in private companies, government agencies and agencies
3. Greenhouse gas auditors
4. Those who work in regulatory or government authorities and factories
5. Supply Chain Managers
6. Researchers and academics in climate, environment and quality systems
7. Stakeholders including parliamentarians, members of local units, members of energy committees, energy managers of various specializations, engineers and business planners



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