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Environmentally friendly water stations that eliminate the suffering of the residents of the coastal governorates

There are only a few days left until the launch of the activities of the COP 27 World Climate Conference, which everyone considers a huge event and a turning point through which agreement is reached between the parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and solutions are found that limit disasters resulting from wrong behaviors of humans that lead to environmental pollution. Thinking about the damages of climate change to the present and the future comes from the leaders of the country and those interested in environmental affairs only. Rather, many young people think of ways to eliminate the problems of climate change, by implementing their own projects that are 100% green and environmentally friendly.

The suffering of the coastal population
Dr. Ali Abdel-Aleem, a specialist in quality control and medical analysis, says that the residents of the coastal governorates suffer from the water problem, and it increases more at the end of the winter season and the beginning of the summer season, because the tourist sphere located between Alexandria and Matrouh puts pressure on its residents on the region’s water network, which makes the suffering continuous throughout the year.

Abdel-Aleem added that the idea of the project came to his mind after realizing that Egypt enjoys solar energy throughout the year and the extension of the coastal beaches. This raises the water temperature from 60 to 70 degrees inside the station. In the next step, a solar-powered boiler unit is inserted. Thus, not only solar energy was introduced into the station, but the pipe network was heated to dispense with the need for energy for heating. In the end, the resulting water vapor enters The boiling point to the condensate unit is then gradually reduced.

Green and environmentally friendly technology
The quality control and medical analysis specialist confirmed that the station for the “Eval – Innovative Water Solutions” project is a green and environmentally friendly technology, because when residents of tourist and coastal villages use the station, gasoline and diesel used in cars that water companies consume daily will be provided in transportation to Matrouh, Hammam, and others. In addition to finding an alternative solution for consumers that provides them with going back and forth daily to get water and buying filters to purify them from the problems they bring from water companies.

Abdel-Aleem added that the state tends to reuse water more than once as a result of its shortage, or desalination plants that run on natural gas may be established, which, if used in its own station, will raise carbon dioxide, which affects climate change, stressing that the “Eval” project station Innovative solutions “integrated all natural capabilities and were exploited in the form of a station free of exhausts resulting from the use of diesel.
Abdel-Aleem pointed out that Egypt’s share of water reaches 55 billion, and the Egyptians’ consumption is about 110 to 116 billion, which means that Egypt faces a deficit of about 60 billion, and this is solved by re-consuming water, which was not one of the best solutions because it will affect fruits and vegetables. polluted, adding that many countries re-export it to Egypt due to the high level of pollution found in topping fruits and vegetables.

The quality control and medical analysis specialist explained that after obtaining approval for the implementation of the “Eval – Innovative Solutions” project from the Enterprise Development Agency and the Environmental Affairs Agency, and at an advanced stage of the project, a percentage of steam pressure will be available inside the station that will be used in electricity generation, in addition to its use In operating generators that may supply the project with electricity later, which will contribute to enlarging the station.



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