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Environment: Supporting investment in South Sinai reserves and launching the first electric mobility project in Nabq Reserve

Dr. Yasmine Fouad, Minister of Environment, reviewed the ministry’s efforts to develop reserves, support investment operations, develop responsible ecotourism, and preserve natural resources and biodiversity in partnership with local communities, the private sector, and environmental action partners from civil society, ministries and donors during the year 2022, to support, develop and maintain infrastructure. reserves to support investment through improving infrastructure.

The Minister of the Environment stated that the beaches were developed with the participation of a number of investors in accordance with the nature of the reserves and their environmental sensitivity and supports the preservation of their natural resources and the integration of society in protecting them and providing distinguished services for visitors. The natural and cultural nature of the reserve as one aspect of the development of the local community in the reserve.

The Minister of the Environment added that the development work included launching the electric car project for the first time to move within the Nabq Reserve as a unique tourist experience to roam using these environmentally friendly vehicles, and visit landmarks and shrines in specific areas and paths, as well as the development of the Nature Conservation Training Center and the development of the laboratories complex in Sharm El-Sheikh to be used for research purposes. Scientific and specialized training in partnership with universities and research centers, noting that it will be considered one of the most important and famous training centers specialized in the fields of environment, nature and biodiversity in the region and a supportive pillar for the scientific tourism file. It is located in Sharm El-Sheikh between the two protectorates of Ras Muhammad and Nabq. With specialized international and local scientific and research communities, the center consists of 25 hotel rooms, lecture and conference halls.

The development work during the year 2022 included maintenance of the road of the waterfall area and the upper and lower lake in Wadi Al-Rayan Reserve, in coordination with the Yusuf Al-Siddiq City Center on a regular basis, in addition to restoring the service buildings in the reserve, especially after rain fell during the winter season in the Fayoum reserves, as well as changing the guiding signs in the Wadi Al-Hitan area and the main visitation area. In waterfalls, in coordination with the project for the effective management of the two protectorates of Qarun and Wadi Al-Rayyan, with the establishment of a GIS unit in the administrative building of Wadi Al-Rayyan Reserve, in coordination with the project for the effective management of the two protectorates of Qarun and Wadi Al-Rayyan.



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