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Environment: Linking the chimneys of Kima and Medicom companies in Aswan to electronic monitoring of emissions

Dr. Yasmine Fouad, Minister of Environment, announced the completion of the electronic linking work for the continuous self-monitoring system at the Kima Chemical Industries Company in Aswan Governorate, where a chimney was connected to the urea unit, and both total solid particles and ammonia were monitored, and the electronic linking work for the self-monitoring system was completed. The continuous flow of Medicom Aswan Cement Company in Aswan Governorate, where the chimney of cement mills (1 and 2) was connected, and total solid particles were monitored.

The Minister of Environment confirmed that these efforts come within the framework of the Arab Republic of Egypt’s interest in monitoring and reducing emissions rates in the Egyptian air environment, as the Ministry of Environment has prepared a strategy aimed at improving air quality and bringing the results of monitoring air pollutants to safe levels in accordance with the standards established by law, noting that the total number of The industrial facilities that have been linked to Aswan governorate amounted to 4 facilities with 8 chimneys.

The total number of industrial establishments linked to the national network for monitoring industrial emissions nationwide reached 92, representing 457 smokers.

The national network for monitoring industrial emissions aims to review the companies linked to the network on a daily basis and prepare a technical report on the extent to which these facilities comply or not comply with the legal limits stipulated in the Environment Law, and issue daily technical reports on the periods of deviation in which emissions from the monitoring points of the companies linked to the network exceed the standards. contained in the executive regulations to be directed to legal affairs to take the necessary measures against the violating companies, as well as field follow-up for all companies and conduct the necessary laboratory measurements to confirm and confirm the quality of the transmitted data, and cooperate with environmental officials in companies to control the pollution caused in a timely manner, and support companies technically to prepare a self-monitoring system Continuous training and training of a company-affiliated team capable of managing the company’s emissions monitoring system.



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