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Energy expert: State sectors take into account the standards of preserving the environment


Dr. Adel Bishara, a renewable energy expert, said that in the wake of the outcomes of the climate conference “COP 27” and the state’s commitment to make all development projects sustainable development projects, under the slogan “green development.”

Bishara added in a televised statement that, according to the country’s strategy for sustainable development 2030, all sectors have taken into account the standards of preserving the environment and nature in anything in the country.

The renewable energy expert explained that it has become obligatory for the boats on the banks of the Nile to carry out a complete treatment of the water before it descends into the Nile.

He pointed out that the opening of the first smart treatment plant in the Middle East on the land of the Suez Governorate is considered a role model, and its importance lies in the fact that the environment in the Red Sea is very sensitive to natural changes, especially since we are one of the richest areas in the world with coral reefs and aquatic organisms, so we must keep the water clean. .



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