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Ellinikon is the largest sustainable city in the world

The city of Ellinikon includes the world’s largest coastal green spaces with a 2 million square meter eco-friendly smart park, The Ellinikon Metr opolitan Park. This new green and environmentally friendly masterpiece has been created by world-renowned architecture firm, Sasaki, which has extensive experience in architecture and design for sustainable spaces. This 2 million square meter park is expected to become the largest and most important green area in Greece and one of the largest coastal parks in the world.

The Ellinikon City project will double the existing green area and increase the number of Athenians per capita, by creating green open spaces across 70% of the project, as it falls within the Ellinikon master plan in which climate resilience is a top priority.

Water management and flood control systems have also been developed by engineers and experts with extensive experience, as this includes a detailed underground water circulation system to collect, treat and redirect rainwater. The project also includes the restoration of streams in the area and the construction of an underground sewage treatment facility that will provide clean water for irrigation and the water supply in Ellinikon Park. In addition to planting more than 1,000,000 newly planted trees in Ellinikon Park surrounded by sustainable residences and hotels.

In new buildings, research shows that green awnings can reduce street temperatures by up to 30%. A passive cooling approach to buildings focuses on controlling heat gain and heat dissipation in a building to improve indoor comfort using little or no energy.

Finally, smart city technologies (AR navigation, etc.) will be used from the first day of the city’s establishment, and the offices in which they will be established will meet the requirements of LEED and WELL certification with hubs for electric cars. Visitors will also be able to access electric cars more by providing Hubs to service most electric vehicles. It is also planned to establish electric car charging stations for these axes, in addition to a program for renting electric cars within the city of Ellencon Lands.



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