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Dubai Autodrome relies on solar energy as a source of its energy needs

The Dubai Autodrome is reaping the fruits of its efforts and environmental initiatives, which it continues to implement within its strategy of commitment to environmental sustainability, which includes the adoption of solar energy to generate the energy needed to operate the site and manage the day-to-day operations of the circuit throughout the year.

The Dubai Autodrome is a year-round destination for the events and competitions of many major local, regional and international motorsports championships. Therefore, the circuit has taken the decision to invest in a strategic solar energy project with a total capacity of 2.8 megawatts, which will provide the energy needs of the Dubai Autodrome since September 2022.

In addition, the project includes 60 solar panels installed on the roofs of car parks, in addition to 6 stations for charging electric vehicles.

The Dubai Autodrome has cooperated with Siraj Power, the leading Emirati company in providing solar energy solutions distributed in the Arabian Gulf region, to implement the important environmental project, which provides many advantages and benefits. The solar panels used throughout the circuit are capable of generating 4,751,470.4 kWh annually. It is used in the operational processes of the circuit and part of it is returned to the power grid, contributing to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by 2,055 metric tons annually.

These figures are equivalent to the energy required to charge 250,031,475 smartphones or remove 433 fuel-powered vehicles from the roads annually, highlighting the importance of solar panels in combating climate change.

The Dubai Autodrome is a first destination for various motorsports activities, including testing and development programs implemented by car manufacturers at the start of each season. Therefore, this environmental project, which supplies all the site’s facilities with the necessary energy, also contributes to reducing operational costs related to energy consumption.

These efforts are in line with the UAE’s strategy in the field of environmental sustainability, and stresses the importance of climate action, as representatives of major global countries participate in the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP27), which is being held in Egypt.

On this occasion, Faisal Al-Sahlawi, General Manager of the Dubai Autodrome, commented: “Climate action is more important at this stage than ever before, and for this we decided to contribute to achieving a sustainable planet, by initiating the implementation of environmentally friendly projects at the Dubai Autodrome and investing in the latest power board equipment.” Solar.”

He continued: “The adoption of this project comes in line with the Dubai government’s endeavors to intensify environmental work efforts and promote sustainability throughout the emirate, and the wise vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who launched the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050 and his directives to promote the transformation of the Emirate of Dubai into a carbon-neutral economy.” by 2050.”

Then he concluded: “The energy generated by solar panels has become an essential pillar in managing our daily operations on the race track and in the various facilities of the circuit, starting with the operation of floodlights on the race track and ending with electrical sockets in offices and even electrical sockets in nearby commercial and residential complexes.” This project, in addition to the other initiatives we have put in place, underscores our commitment to environmental sustainability and securing a sustainable future for future generations, while the Dubai Autodrome maintains its leading position as an environmentally friendly sports and entertainment destination.”

In his turn, Laurent Longueuil, CEO of SirajPower added: “We are pleased to have reached an important new milestone in our continuous journey towards reducing carbon emissions in the UAE, and we congratulate the Dubai Autodrome on achieving this important step towards reaching carbon neutrality. We are honored to cooperate with Dubai Autodrome and support their efforts and positive strategic endeavors in the field of environmental sustainability. We at SirajPower look forward to more joint work and cooperation with Dubai Autodrome in maintaining and operating solar panels and supporting more environmental initiatives. This environmental project, which is in line with the UAE’s clean energy strategy, confirms our commitment to enabling institutions and companies across the country to make a sustainable transition to relying on renewable energy, and to support companies in their endeavors to reduce their environmental impact by relying on innovative, highly efficient and low-cost solar energy solutions.” .



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