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“Dakhla Media” launches an initiative under the slogan “A green city without plastic bags”

The Dakhla Media Center of the State Information Service, in cooperation with the Department of Environmental Affairs in the center and city of Dakhla, in the presence of Mohsen Mohamed Jamal, Director General of the General Department of Media in Central Upper Egypt, launched an awareness initiative to preserve the environment under the title “Dakhla is a green city without plastic bags.”

Mohsen Muhammad, Director of the Dakhla Media Center, said that the center launched the competition under the umbrella of the SIS’s environmental awareness axis under the slogan “Our environment is our life, let us preserve it” and the national strategy to preserve the environment, stressing that the initiative was also inspired by the spirit of success achieved by the COP 27 climate summit that it hosted. Sharm el-Sheikh, and the whole world witnessed its success.

He explained that the initiative aims to abandon the use of single-use plastic bags in shopping by citizens and replace them with bags made of cloth and kraft that are safer, due to the severe damage plastic bags cause to human health and the environment.

The Director of the Dakhla Media Center added that the initiative included organizing an educational seminar on the harms of using plastic bags and the available alternatives, pointing out in this regard that the initiative also included organizing an exhibition on how to invest environmental materials in the New Valley, and exploit them as an alternative to plastic bags, and the exhibition included many Creations made by school students as an alternative to plastic.

The center also launched a competition for schools belonging to the Dakhla educational sector under the slogan “My Green School” in cooperation with the Department of Environmental Affairs.



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