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The impact of atmospheric warming on human life

Dr. Samir Tantawi, climate change consultant, said that green energy is the energy of the future, especially after the steady increase in greenhouse gases resulting from the combustion of fossil fuels and traditional energy represented in oil, gas and coal, which has accelerated the trend towards new, renewable and green energies.

Tantawi added, in televised statements, a telephone interview on the “Nile News” satellite channel, that resorting to green energy has become a vital requirement, especially after the concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere reached about 420 parts per million, revealing that increasing them in this way until their concentration becomes in the atmosphere. Atmospheric 450 parts per million, which means that the atmospheric temperature will rise to two degrees, which will negatively affect all biological systems.

The climate change consultant added that the world is aware of the importance of using new and renewable energy, especially solar and wind, in addition to clean energies, especially green hydrogen. The problem of climate change, especially since the current situation confirms that none of the parties is far from the effects of climate change.



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