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A “women’s project” to recycle waste and use it in architectural construction

A new environmentally friendly women’s project is included in the list of projects that aim to reduce climate change and eliminate environmental pollution, through a different project that has not been achieved in Egypt before, but its owner hopes that it will be implemented on the ground to preserve the health of the environment and human health.

Architect Asmaa Hafnawi said that the idea of constructing an environmentally friendly project has been in her mind since she was a student at the university, after realizing the seriousness of climate change on the environment and human health, adding that in 2022 the idea of establishing a “precious waste” project came to her mind.

Hafnawi explained that the goal of the project is to reach modern building materials that are environmentally friendly and achieve thermal properties and comfort for the user of the architectural structure, by recycling agricultural and plastic waste instead of burning them to produce environmentally friendly (bricks).

Construction and building produce about 38% of carbon emissions
The architect confirmed that the construction sector produces about 38% of carbon emissions, while the cement production sector produces about 5%, as reported by the World Bank, stressing that all countries of the world hope and join hands with each other so that carbon emissions reach 1% of the temperature.

Hafnawi pointed out that recent years have witnessed floods in Sudan and Pakistan, in addition to Europe being exposed to a severe heat wave last summer, which threatens drought, adding that this year’s winter will witness very severe frosts.
The architect added that the reason behind the temperature difference between the inside of the place where the person resides and the outside materials used in building houses that did not achieve thermal comfort such as “red top”, and thus results in many problems that affect a person’s psychological health, which reduces his productive capacity. .

She emphasized that the “precious waste” project is in the study phase and will begin its actual implementation after the end of the World Climate Conference, adding that Egypt’s markets are devoid of an environmentally friendly “top” as a result of recycling agricultural and plastic waste, in addition to its reasonable price and ease of use. it to almost zero.



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