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A student initiative to manufacture environmentally friendly dead seaweed products

A new idea and a different project from a German university engineering student started thinking in November last year, and the aim is to manufacture products from dead seaweed that are all 100% environmentally friendly, and modern products that have not been put on the market before through a 100% clean recycling process .

Adham Ghallab, founder and CEO of the “POC” project, said that the name of the project is an acronym for the dead seaweed “Poseidonia Oceania” that is deposited every year on the coasts of the Mediterranean, adding that this weed is taken from the coasts and cleaned well, prepared and processed in certain ways to extract “POC”. Board “It is a board that looks like plywood but is made of Mediterranean sea grass.

New materials did not enter Egypt and the world before
Ghallab added that the “book board” is made of new materials that have not entered Egypt and the world before, and it reaches a length of one meter x one meter, and through its special treatment, it is used to extract various products related to furniture, walls and accessories.

The founder of the “POC” project confirmed that the deposition of this grass on the Mediterranean coast constitutes a major problem, as huge irregularities accumulate that pollute the beach, such as: plastic, wood, and glass, and decompose organic things, explaining that the aim of the project is to remove the grass on the beach so as not to cause inconvenience and hindrance to users, In addition to reducing the use of wood and plastic.

grain cultivation
“Ghalab” continued that the use of energy and foil is included in the manufacture of furniture and decorations, while the “POC” project is based on manual production only, adding that the package for the product is made of cardboard in the shape of a bowl, which gives the consumer the ability to put soil inside it to grow the grains provided by the project. It has it inside the package, so that the product from beginning to end does not harm the environment by 1%. On the other hand, it is a new initiative to encourage agriculture.

The founder of the “POC” project explained that the project, in its final steps, depends on some legal procedures for registration, in addition to working on several machines. And restaurants to show them the work of the project.



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