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6,000 volunteers participate in the “Clean Emirates” campaign at its fourth station in Dubai

The convoy of the 21st session of the “Clean Emirates” campaign of the Emirates Environmental Working Group has reached its fourth station, to land in the Emirate of Dubai, armed with the successes it achieved in its previous stations in Ajman, Fujairah and Sharjah, under the auspices of the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment and in cooperation with the Ministry of Community Development .

The campaign, which was launched this year in conjunction with the International Volunteer Day, witnessed a great participation from the various segments of society that responded to the invitation and joined their efforts together to present a beautiful image of the UAE community, as the volunteers, who numbered 6,395 volunteers, flocked since the early morning hours to the four sites where the campaign was held. In the Seih Al Salam area of Dubai.

And at nine o’clock in the morning, in the presence and participation of Her Excellency Maryam Al Muhairi, Minister of Climate Change and Environment, as well as the Chairperson and Vice-Chairman and members of the Executive Committee of the Emirates Environmental Working Group, and a large gathering of officials from public and private sector institutions. The group started the campaign activities in cooperation with the Dubai Municipality, the Seih Al Salam Reserve Department and Dubai Economy and Tourism.

Her Excellency Maryam bint Muhammad Al Muhairi, Minister of Climate Change and Environment, said in her speech: “The value of volunteering has been one of the pillars of the UAE’s approach since its inception, and the unlimited support of the wise leadership for this value contributed to strengthening it and transforming it into a growing public behavior among all segments of society. This value is one of the important pillars of the efforts and march of the UAE in protecting the environment and ensuring the sustainability of its natural resources and biodiversity, as it includes raising the general community’s awareness of the importance of environmental systems, the state’s directions and goals, and enhancing participation in achieving them.”

Her Excellency indicated that based on the importance of the concept of volunteering for the Emirati society, the Cabinet approved the launch of the “Clean Emirates” campaign initiative, coinciding with the International Volunteer Day, for a period of 10 consecutive days to clean up the tourist destinations in the country. The initiative works to enhance the role of federal government employees and society as a whole in supporting the voluntary work process in line with the “The Most Beautiful Winter in the World” campaign, and in support of environmental efforts and the country’s preparations to host the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28), which is scheduled to be held in November. Next year.

Her Excellency praised the important and effective role played by the Emirates Environment Working Group in promoting environmental protection efforts in the UAE.

Ms. Habiba Al Marashi, founding member and chairperson of the Emirates Environmental Group, said, “The group launched this campaign in 2002 with the aim of instilling sustainable practices among the various segments and sectors of society in the United Arab Emirates. This year, the name of the campaign was changed to “Clean Emirates”, after achieving its goals over the past twenty years and continuing to focus on the same message that it carried 20 years ago, which is that protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility.

Mrs. Habiba said that the campaign aims to create awareness among the segments of society about local environmental issues, with a special focus on waste management, reduction and recycling, and instilling a sense of responsibility towards protecting and preserving the environment among society, especially the youth category, and involving various Community sectors in an integrated national environmental initiative, and active participation in an annual sustainable national program that provides experience in the field of practical environmental activities, and sheds light on the picturesque environment of the country.

And she added: “The group was and still is at the forefront in directing strategies and campaigns that are directly in line with the UAE’s orientation towards sustainability, as the country’s goal is to reduce waste reaching landfills and achieve zero waste in landfills by 2030.” The objectives of the campaign are also in line with the wise leadership’s strategy of encouraging sustainable domestic tourism.”



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