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Aiyesha Swarnn is the External Relations assistant at ThinkYoung. Aiyesha engages with business development, projects, and partnerships across Europe. She is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in History and International Relations.

Aiyesha has been using her platforms to write about climate restoration for example, in a student blog called Uprising.

With Uprising, she writes about pressing issues that need to be discussed more from literacy, women empowerment, and currently climate restoration. To complement this, in her recent internship with an NGO called ThinkPacific, she was able to create a climate restoration policy report, along with policy recommendations needed to ensure that everybody is doing their part in the climate crisis.

Her report offered an initial exploration into the concept of climate restoration and how every organisation, company, and government should introduce restoration policies in combating climate change. As climate change worsens, most climate agreements such as the Paris Agreement, are not enough to prevent the global average temperature from rising 1.5 degrees Celsius. Further efforts to battle climate change are now needed, however big or however small, we must start now. It’s time for talking to be over and action to be done.

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