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Cool the Globe

Prachi is a communicator, Climate Entrepreneur and the founder of Cool The Globe – A citizen-led app for climate action with users from 110 countries. This year, she was awarded by the finance minister of India as the ‘Young Change-maker of the year.

In the Cool the Globe app, users are given targets for reducing their Greenhouse Gas Emissions. In the app, users can choose from hundreds of climate actions across areas of travel, home, and materials and record the Greenhouse Gas Emissions they saved. Today, they have mobilized over 4 Million people from around the world, with our campaigns for Climate Action. Cool The Globe has 30,000 users from 110 countries, who have collectively saved 2 Million kg of Greenhouse Gas Emissions through the App. Cool The Globe focuses on demand-side mitigation of climate change. Through the youth-led app, climate action is easy, accessible, and measurable for ordinary citizens.

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