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Are You Climate Ready? Games

Hailey Campbell is a climate activist born to former climate deniers who holds a Master’s of Sustainability Solutions from Arizona State University. She has 5+ years of experience organizing and volunteering for climate justice initiatives.

“The Are You Climate Ready? games were created to empower communities to understand climate risks and proactively think about solutions as part of Honolulu’s Resilience Office’s engagement efforts for the creation of the island’s Climate Adaptation Strategy known as Climate Ready O’ahu. The games focus on key climate risks facing frontline communities on O’ahu – heat and sea-level rise. By planning ahead and selecting the best adaptation options, players adapt to shocks, such as unusually higher tides and extreme heat waves, and the long-term stresses of rising sea levels and increasing temperatures. To win the game, all players must successfully adapt to shocks and stresses, highlighting how important it is that we leave no one behind when adapting to climate change.”

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