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TikTok concludes the activities of the TikTok Creator Hub program and announces the names of the winners of its competition

The Ministry of Youth and Sports, in cooperation with TikTok – the world’s leading short video platform – concluded the activities of the TikTok Creator Hub program, which aims to encourage young people to come up with ideas and create solutions to various issues, identify talents and build skills to support and nurture the next generation of creators.

This year’s edition dealt with the issue of climate change, in conjunction with Egypt’s hosting of the 27th session of the Conference of the States Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP 27).

During the conclusion of the activities of the TikTok Creator Hub program, the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the platform announced the names of five winners of the program competition, who were chosen by the jury responsible for the competition, consisting of representatives of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and each of the adventurer, entrepreneur and motivational speaker Omar Samra, and Sanaa The Good News content Maryam Solica, creative content maker, medical student Ahmed Sabry, creative content creator and director Mohamed El-Borai.

The winners of the program were announced, and they are Ahmed Ali, Rana Farrag, Malak Hatem, Mohamed El-Shorbagy, and Mohamed Essam.

In this regard, Muhammad Saeed Mazen, Undersecretary of the Ministry – Head of the Central Administration for Minister’s Office Affairs, expressed his happiness in cooperating with the TikTok platform in the TikTok Creator Hub program, praising the great turnout on the part of young people to share their ideas and opinions, pointing out that the program succeeded in revealing that Young people have great awareness of the issues surrounding them and have effective solutions and reliable opinions, especially in the field of the environment and the issue of climate change.

For his part, Dr. Mohamed Hassan, Assistant Minister of Youth and Sports for the Development of Youth Capabilities, said, “We aim, through cooperation with TikTok, to shed light on new talents, support and nurture the next generation of creators by providing them with the required knowledge and improving their content, in addition to providing advice and advice.” In a way that serves the development of their career paths as creative content makers.”

For her part, Farah Toukan, Head of the Public Policy Department at TikTok North Africa, the Middle East and Turkey, stated that TikTok has a commitment to continue educating and inspiring communities around the world on various issues, in partnership with creators and organizations that share the same interests, stressing the platform’s role in building An environmentally conscious generation as part of the platform’s societal cultural impact, and stressed that the TikTok Creator Hub will continue to raise new societal issues over the coming years.

The TikTok Creator Hub program has achieved great success and a remarkable turnout by young people, as it succeeded in encouraging them to unleash creativity and support positive change, by working with creators and the platform community to provide an opportunity for the new generation to express their views on the issue of climate change, and to produce influential and accessible content. The program also succeeded in spreading awareness and encouraging sustainability and climate action.

The TikTok Creator Hub program aims to encourage young people to share their ideas and projects that contribute to a specific field or bring about change. The program also aims to identify talents and link them with appropriate mentors and experts in discovering and evaluating skills. The program was divided into three main stages, which are online educational videos, and the live training session, and the judging process to select the winners of the competition.

The TikTok Creator Hub program included several episodes aimed at teaching users how to create distinctive content, through editing and modification tools for the TikTok platform and its auxiliary applications, increasing interaction on the platform and using cyberspace to spread awareness, with the aim of encouraging young people to make positive change by creating content. Creative, and learning how to work with institutions and brands, in addition to creating a special strategy for social media for content makers and setting a schedule for organizing content, as well as a workshop attended by a number of specialists and young people who were selected by the jury to participate in the finalists of the program’s competition.

The closing ceremony was attended by Muhammad Said Mazen
The Undersecretary, Head of the Central Administration for the Affairs of the Minister’s Office, Dr. Muhammad Hassan Nadi, Assistant Minister of Youth and Sports, Ahmed Nazmi and May Ajlan, members of a unit, confronted us.



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