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The Ministry of Youth and Sports representative meets the Rowandian Youth and Culture Minister at the African Youth Summit

مساعد وزير الشباب والرياضة

The Rowandian Youth Minister: “Egypt is an example of African. leadership and managing major events.”

The Ministry of Youth and Sports representative, Mostafa Ezz ElArab met with Mrs. Rosemary Mbabaze, Minister of Youth and Culture of Rowanda at the African Youth summit, YouthConnektAfrica2022 at the Rowandian capital Kigali from the 12th to the 15th of October under the title of “accelerating youth investment: resilient youth of Africa, resilient Africa” which was organized by the country of Rowanda in collaboration with the United Nations Development Fund, UNDP.

The Ministry representative gave the Rowandian Minister Dr Ashraf Sobhy’s sincerest greetings and wishes of constant success and excellence. The representative also thanked the Rowandian Minister for their generous hospitality and great organization that gave African youth the opportunity to meet and exchange knowledge and connections which counts as African culture exchange to enhance African-African collaboration, he also stated his pride in Rowanda as a successful African example of economic leadership.

The two nations discussed Egypt joining the Youth Connekt Africa initiative. The executive partner of YouthConnekt Africa is the executive committee of the African union, and the youth summit is held in a framework to promote African youth. The summit is based around solving difficult developmental problems through the gathering of youth with country presidents, policy makrs, and businessmen of the private sector as well as development companies to meet the needs of the youth of the 28 countries that were members of the summit.

Ezz ElArab stated that Egypt is one of the countries of the world with the most youth percentage with a high number of impactful and succesful youth inside and outside of egypt in a lot of fields, this success is a direct result of the political leadership towards expanding and developing the capacities of the youth and giving them the opportunity to exchange and experience the other nations. He also stated that Egypt is keen on developing the youth in social, economical, and various knowledge fields through hundreds of local and international programs.

Mbabaze expressed her gratitude towards the Egyptian nation for making sure to be present at the summit, she also expressed that she considers Egypt a leading African example in organizing events and major summits, especially that she herself participated in the World Youth Forum and had the honor to meet His Excellency President AbdelFattah Elsisi, President of the Arab Republc of Egypt. During the Summit, she saw major Egyptian capabilities and expressed her wishes of seeing a large Egyptian delegation in the next summit to represent the scale of what Egypt represents in the African continent, and that she looks forward to expanding the Youth collaboration between the two counntries. Lastly, she also expressed her wishes of organizing a Rowandian delegation visit to egypt consisting of Rowandian Youth businessmen to meet with their Egyptian counterpart, and how this would be a major opportunity to enhance the economic collaboration with Egypt, which she believes has a strong economy.
In the end of the meeting, Mrs. Rosemary Mbabaze gave a cultural artifact souvenir to the Ministry representative.



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