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 The Greenpeace ship arrives in Egypt to support climate action ahead of the COP27 climate summit

Greenpeace organization Greenpeace announced the arrival of its ship carrying young climate representatives from the Middle East and North Africa to Alexandria to raise the issue of “climate justice” high on the agenda of the United Nations Climate Conference at its twenty-seventh session, held in Sharm El-Sheikh in November as part of its “Together” world tour For Climate Justice” hosted by the ship, these young people will cruise the shores of Egypt, visiting communities and environmental leaders in the run-up to the cop27 climate conference.

Climate Justice Camp

“It is a delicate moment in the history of working for climate justice, especially since the Climate Conference, in its twenty-seventh edition this year, is being organized in Africa and hosted by Egypt – which gives a major role to countries From the Global South, it was the least responsible for emissions, but it is the most affected by the effects of climate change.

The young people on board the ship had recently participated in the climate justice camp in Tunisia, which lasted for about a week, and brought together nearly 400 young men and women who advocate for climate from the countries of the southern world. The Together for Climate Justice Tour is a platform to raise the voices and aspirations of climate champions, who live in some of the world’s worst-affected regions. These young climate actors are looking to promote systemic change around climate adaptation, equity and energy access, and losses and damages associated with the disproportionate impacts of the climate crisis.

Together for climate justice

A young climate activist from Sudan, Watan Mohamed, said: “Climate justice means repairing the damage to people’s lives, so that the most affected and marginalized are not left behind. Joining the “Together for Climate Justice” tour and meeting with young men and women from my region of Africa, and the Middle East and North Africa, is an opportunity to share our nation’s climate issues and push for solutions.

A social business developer and youth activist from Bahrain, Tareq Al-Alimi, commented: “During the cop27 climate summit, we need to be loud in our call for climate justice in small island states, in the Middle East, Africa and beyond – for those most vulnerable and least responsible, and to hold those most responsible for the climate crisis accountable.”

While sailing in front of the historic city of Alexandria, the Greenpeace “wind ship”, accompanied by the young climate actors on board, raised a message calling for climate justice.

Environmental initiatives in Hurghada

The Together for Climate Justice tour will continue its journey through the Suez Canal, and is scheduled to stop for community activities and join environmental initiatives in Hurghada on the northern coast of the Red Sea. All this in the run-up to the Climate Summit, which kicks off in Sharm El-Sheikh in early November, as youth leaders participate in climate conference activities.

“We have a responsibility to speak out on behalf of those on the front line of the climate crisis,” said Campaigner Nihad Awwad, who is now on board as part of the “Together for Climate Justice” tour. It is the responsibility of rich countries and historical emitters to provide financing for adaptation efforts in the Global South, as well as to compensate for the losses and damages caused by climate change.” As part of its campaign activities leading up to the cop27 climate summit, Greenpeace MENA will publish a report highlighting the impacts of climate change on societies and ecosystems in the Middle East and North Africa region.



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