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The green buildings are one of the main aspects of COP27

سارة البطوطي

According to el Batouti an Egyptian entrepreneur and UNFCCC ambassador, the Egyptian government is aiming of bridging connections with the non-governmental sectors and decisions makers in COP27.

Al Batouti added, that Egypt is cautiously intending to apply strategies of green cities; according to the presidency Abdul-Fattah Al Sisi vision, in the framework of climate action and Egypt hosting the global event of COP27, which will be held in Sharm Al-Sheikh next November.

Also Batouti clarified that the program of “Green Buildings” is one of the main highlighted projects to be discussed in COP27, regarding to improving the infrastructure of sustainable cities and green urbanism, as well as including the rural and agricultural small communities; in order to achieve the sustainable development goals.

This was mentioned by Al Batouti during her participation in a special interview of Egypt Narrative Summit, “Initiation of Sustainability”, which was timely paralleled with the preparation of Egyptian government to host COP27 this year.

Moreover, Al Batouti illustrated that the Egyptian government is concentrating their exerted efforts to improve the green infrastructure for citizens, through managing solid wastes, implementing waste water systems, sustainable roads and lightings, and transportation that are eco friendly. Also, energy efficiency and electric infrastructure meeting the standards of green cities, to offer better quality of living, safer and saving for residents.
Al Batouti stated that as her role of being a global ambassador for UNFCCC, focusing on building up connections between different sectors and decision makers and establishing solid relations between all of associations, organizations, companies and individuals; to gather all ideas and supports and adjust them to what serves the climate action and hence serving the whole Egyptian society as well as all involved parties.
Additionally, Al Batouti said that the Egyptian initiative of Hayah Karima which was one of the biggest growing initiatives implemented globally; we are speaking about 4500 villages that host 57 million Egyptian citizens, these villages are shaping the Egyptian identity and culture. From this aspect, the initiative was released to ameliorate villages on al socioeconomic levels.

Aside, stated by Lamiaa Kamel, the promoting assistant of the previous tourism minister; that Egypt Narrative Summit intended to cover this important event on national and global level. This will be done through releasing special interviews under the name of “initiation of sustainability” that will be shared over different social platforms.

Lastly, kamel added that there is no way go achieve sustainable development goals without partnerships and cooperations on both national and international levels, which is also goal 17 of the list that stating the same vision of importance of partnerships.



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