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The Environment celebrates the beginning of 2023 with an environmentally friendly Christmas tree


The Ministry of Environment, through the awareness team of the Central Department of Environmental Information and Awareness, implemented an innovative design for an environmentally friendly Christmas tree, as part of the Egyptians’ preparations for the New Year’s Eve 2023 celebrations, in order to establish ideas for recycling environmental waste and making full use of them.

And the “Christmas tree” presented by the awareness team on the occasion of New Year’s holidays, made of environmentally friendly components from household waste such as newspaper, cardboard, foil, wood, and a plastic bucket, in order to achieve an aesthetic view at home and save the high cost of Christmas trees.


This comes within the framework of the Ministry’s awareness teams’ keenness to raise environmental awareness among all groups and segments of society of the importance of recycling paper, plastic and cardboard waste, and to maximize their utilization and raise awareness of the concept of recycling as one of the means to preserve the environment, through the implementation of technical workshops in various governorates to teach participants how to Making such products, and introducing the participants to the value of the resources available in making joy for the surrounding environment.



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