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The effect of not recycling waste scientifically on the quality of life

Dr. Ali Qutb, an expert in the environment and climate change, said that failure to recycle waste in a scientific and correct manner will negatively affect many sectors such as agriculture, water and all walks of life, pointing out that the information contained in the infograph of the Cabinet’s information regarding the efforts made from 2014 to 2021 in this file, In addition to all that was mentioned in the report of the Ministers’ Information Center regarding a review of the government’s success in implementing the sustainable management of organic pollutants project, which resulted in an improvement in the health conditions of 3 million Egyptian citizens.

How to safely dispose of organic waste

Qutub added, in a televised intervention, that these wastes are disposed of in sewers that have dimensions and are carefully planned, to be collected through desalination plants and waste recycling plants, to be produced again in a scientific way, pointing out that the environment, if it is polluted with this organic component, becomes More harmful than inorganic pollutants.

The union of gases resulting from organic pollutants is dangerous

The environment and climate change expert explained that the union of gases resulting from organic pollutants constitutes a very great danger, which is confirmed by specialists in the field of chemistry and the field of organic compounds. The waste resulting from hospitals and resulting from sewage and waste from animals are treated in a purely scientific manner, praising the efforts of the state. Egypt in lining the canals, which resulted in avoiding infection of many diseases, most notably schistosomiasis, and the efforts of the media in spreading awareness and environmental culture.



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