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The cycle of a liter of gasoline emits 2.6 kilocarbon dioxide

Dr. Sameh Noman, Professor of New and Renewable Energy at Cairo University, said that the global energy crisis is based on fossil fuels, which represent the first influencing factor in climate change due to its production of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere at a very high rate, explaining that the cycle of production and use of one liter of gasoline results in Emission of about 2.6 kilos of carbon dioxide gas, pointing out that the world has turned to new and renewable energy since 1973.

The world has focused on clean energy for years

Noman added, in a television interview, that the world has focused on new and renewable energy for many years, as companies have begun to produce solar panels and thermal concentrators in order to generate electricity, pointing out that reliance on this trend came for several reasons, the most important of which is that renewable energy does not depend on Not only the air, the sun, the water or the heat in the ground, but the recently added green hydrogen.

The difference between renewable energy and its conventional counterpart

He explained the difference between renewable energy and its traditional counterpart, pointing out that renewable energy does not depend on nutrients such as diesel, gas or fossil fuels to operate, because it depends on existing and clean energies such as sun, wind and water, pointing to the stopping of all power stations that depend on fossil fuels and have problems. Since the Russian-Ukrainian crisis.

A professor of new and renewable energy at Cairo University pointed out that the percentage of carbon dioxide emitted from renewable energy is very small: “A kilowatt of electricity from coal emits more than 4 or 5 kilos of carbon dioxide, while a kilowatt produced from gas emits 400 grams.” Of carbon, solar energy panels produce 46 grams of carbon, wind energy 12 grams of carbon, and water 5 grams.



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