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“Takia” is a smart application to eliminate food waste

The female element plays an important role in the issue of climate change that affects all countries of the world and is the main cause of wrong human practices that lead to environmental pollution. Some young Egyptian women have thought and prepared initiatives or projects aimed at transforming society into an environmentally friendly one, some of which have already been implemented on the ground and others Under preparation, and the matter did not end here, but some projects and initiatives may reach participation in the Climate Change Conference COP 27, which will be held next month from November 6 to 18 of the same month in Sharm El-Sheikh, and among the projects that have already been implemented is the “Takia” project An app launched in 2019 that aims to eliminate food waste and reduce carbon dioxide pollution.

Menna Shaheen, an entrepreneur and founder of the “Takia” application, said that the idea of ​​the application came to her after realizing the seriousness of wasting food and its contribution to environmental pollution. To eliminate the problem of food waste in order to preserve climate change.

food supplier
Shaheen added that the number of participants in the application reached more than 20,000 people, while the number of suppliers reached more than 85, including people who own many branches of their own restaurants.

The “Takia” application institution stated that dealing with consumers takes place through an agreement with the food supplier to take the leftovers of good and edible food and send it to charities directly, or sell the food directly to the customer at a 50% discount, and he can also buy it and specify the party to donate to. Deliver food to her on the same day.

Achieving 50% profit from surplus
Shaheen stressed that communicating the idea of ​​the “Tekyah” application to people and convincing them of the danger of wasting food on the environment took a lot of time and effort, and the beginning was to work to raise people’s awareness and to see the impact resulting from the use of the application, adding that it is one of the ways that encourages restaurant owners to use the application and deliver food Charities may make a 50% profit from the surplus.

The “Tekya” application institution indicated that the application was not only used in Egypt, but also arrived in Dubai late last year, and the number of employees in the application has reached more than 12 people who have been well prepared and trained in order to have the experience and ability to teach new employees.

For her part, Shaheen added that she was chosen in 2019 as the most influential person in Egypt, in addition to “Takia” reaching the finalists for the largest Egyptian award for young ideas and people with new companies, confirming in her speech that she was chosen in Dubai and honored last February as the best influencer. Last year, the application was selected as one of the best applications affecting food security in the Middle East.



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