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Remote Sensing Expert: Natural disasters are accelerating and the world is in danger

Dr. Hisham Al-Askari, Deputy Executive Director of the Egyptian Space Agency and an expert in remote sensing and Earth science systems at Chapman University in the United States, said that the world is facing a very big problem, which is the climate changes that have been monitored over the past decades, and in order for us to face climate changes, we must know what is possible. To expect it in the future through the use of earth science systems, remote sensing, satellites, and modern technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning in order to study the past and present in order to talk about what happens in the future.

The dangers of fossil fuels

Al-Askari added, during televised statements: “We have seen the presence of very large effects, such as human uses of fossil fuels and natural disasters, which we see accelerating in their occurrence in the world. We are now living in an era in which wild natural phenomena occur that have wild effects on all continents of the world.”

The effects of climate change are global

And the Deputy Executive Director of the Egyptian Space Agency continued, that the effects of climate change are global, as everyone is affected and suffers from climate changes, and in order to deal with what may happen in the future, we must anticipate what phenomena may occur in the future, and here comes the role of science and scholars. Using Earth science systems and remote sensing, because through satellites we can monitor what happened in the past and what is happening now in the present.



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