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PVC profile welding machine .. Mansoura engineering graduation project arrives at the COP 27 climate conference

The state’s efforts continue to stand by the youth, adopt and support their own projects, and hear their voices and opinions by joining and participating in the COP 27 climate conference, which will start from the sixth of next November until the eighteenth of the same month in Sharm El-Sheikh, within the framework of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. In order for the entire planet to become environmentally friendly, and among the youth projects participating in the climate conference is the “UPVC Profile Welding Machine” project.

Ahmed Mohamed, one of the founders of the PVC welding machine project, said that the idea of the project came to him and his colleagues a year ago while working on their graduation project. The project started with Go to type and later turned into the industrial model.

Muhammad added that the project is a machine for welding PVC sectors, and the product extracted from the machine is a basic alternative to wood and alumetal doors and windows, because its carbon footprint is much less than the alumetal manufacturing cycle, especially since PVC is the second most recycled material in the world, stressing that providing The machine in the market will greatly spread and expand the culture of using PVC in workshops and factories.

One of the founders of the PVC profile welding machine project confirmed that the project will reduce the use of wood resulting from logging and forestry, which is the main cause of climate change.

One of the founders of the project explained that the aim of designing and implementing the machine is to be entirely local, with an Egyptian industry, commensurate with the Egyptian market and its competition with other machines.
Ahmed Mohamed confirmed that the project participated in three competitions and achieved first place with them, namely: the Nile University competition, the Egypt Challenge for Industry 4.0, and the Fund for Supporting Innovators and Geniuses, adding that within days he will head to Sharm El-Sheikh to attend the World Climate Conference.



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