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Plants on the roofs of houses start from 1000 pounds, with huge profits

Many people are looking to exploit the vast spaces in their homes, whether roofs or balconies, and we propose economic and profitable project ideas, by exploiting these spaces by cultivating them with a sum of one thousand pounds, with fruitful trees and achieving huge profits and preserving the environment by increasing green spaces that reduce emissions that cause weather changes.

Exploitation of empty spaces

And the agricultural engineer, Mohamed Attia, says that people can exploit the empty spaces in their homes, whether balconies or roofs, for an amount that may not exceed 1,000 pounds, explaining that the cultivation of tropical trees can be in barrels, pointing to the possibility of recycling pots and barrels at home instead of buying them. .

Attia, who specializes in cultivating tropical fruit seedlings, explained that there are several types of trees suitable for cultivation on the roofs of houses, which may remain for 10 years in barrels and then transferred to sustainable soil, explaining their intentions and prices as follows:

Types of seedlings and their prices

Passion fruit and dragon fruit, the price of a seedling is 50 pounds, blackberry, a seedling’s price is 150 pounds, peppino, a seedling’s price is 25 pounds, a fig and a seedling’s price is 25 pounds, and a pomegranate is 25.

Cultivation of fruit trees in barrels:

Attia pointed out how seedlings are prepared and cultivated, by preparing barrels ranging in size from 60 to 220 liters, while the soil consists of a mixture of silt, compost, “organic fertilizer” and sand, and it is irrigated with water, then the seedlings are planted with it and monitored continuously, pointing to the possibility of transferring it to agricultural land. any time.

Earnings of up to 62 thousand pounds:

He emphasized that these varieties make profits, and most of them are dragon fruits, especially since its roots are not deep or long and can live for many years in the barrel prepared for its cultivation, in addition to the fact that the price of a kilo of them is 250 pounds, commenting: If we plant 50 barrels of dragon fruit and trees, 250 kilos are subtracted and the output is More than 62 thousand pounds.



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