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 Participants in the World Children’s Festival plant trees bearing the names of their countries in the family garden


The participants of the World Children’s Festival, in its third edition, implemented the World’s Children’s Forest by planting a group of trees bearing the names of their countries in the family garden in Al-Rehab City. Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, which is organized by the Central Administration for Youth Development – General Administration of Programs and Activities at the Ministry of Youth and Sports from (15-21) October in Cairo, within the framework of Egypt’s hosting of the United Nations Conference of the States Parties to the Climate Convention.

The events were attended by Azza Al-Dari, Head of the Central Administration for Youth Development, Hala Othman, Director General of the General Administration for Programs and Activities, Iman Othman, Director General of the General Administration for Gifted and Creative Care.

Environmental education and climate action

For her part, Azza Al-Dari, Undersecretary of the Ministry, confirmed that the Ministry of Youth and Sports has made great efforts to promote environmental education and climate action through the “Youth and Climate” convoy, which tours the governorates of the Republic as a national initiative that seeks to empower young people and youth to interact with climate change issues, and aims to educate and motivate young people and enable them to Positive interaction with environment and climate issues and the advancement of environmental culture and climate action for future generations.

Al-Dari indicated that a fixed place for the festival was determined inside the family garden to plant trees annually, and trees bearing the names of new countries are added every year.

Climate change and environmental conservation

In the same context, a day on climate change and environmental preservation was implemented through a symposium organized on Egypt’s preparations to host the Climate Summit, with the participation of Dr. Preserving the environment.

The tourism and entertainment program for the participants in the festival includes a visit to the most important monuments, including the pyramids, the Egyptian Museum and the Egyptian National Museum, a meeting with the minister in the ministry building in the new administrative capital, the implementation of awareness and interactive workshops on climate change, the holding of folk art shows in youth and sports facilities, and art shows in private, international and governmental schools. The festival will conclude its activities at the National Museum of Civilizations.

The festival is attended by pioneers from Russia, Armenia, Lithuania, Romania, India, Jordan, Bulgaria, Serbia, Palestine, Italy, Syria, Sri Lanka, Greece, Indonesia, Sudan, Pakistan, Cameroon, Iraq, Japan, Libya, Mauritius, Peru, Spain,” and the participation of Egyptian teams from the governorates of “Alexandria, Port Said, Damietta, Ismailia, Cairo, Giza, North Sinai, Aswan, Minya, and South Sinai.” It is worth noting that the festival aims to present a message to raise awareness of climate change, the participation of children in global events, and intellectual communication between children of the world of different identities



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